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New Zealand Art Retreat 2023 Terms & Conditions

from 29 Nov 2022

Please read the following Terms and Conditions carefully. References to “us”, “we” and/or “our” in these terms and conditions shall mean Art at Heart Pty Ltd as Trustee for the Bonvie Trust, trading as Art Retreat Bliss and operating through the website, which will be referred to as Art at Heart. References to “you” in these terms and conditions shall mean the client booked into and planning to attend the New Zealand Art Retreat 2023.

The “Art Retreat” in this document refers to the New Zealand Art Retreat 2023 given by Art at Heart from Tuesday 24 Oct 2023 to either Wednesday 1 Nov 2023 or Monday 6 Nov 2023.

By booking into the Art Retreat, you agree with the Terms and Conditions outlined in this agreement.


We will arrange and cover return transport costs for you from the accommodation to any group tours or activities during the Art Retreat.

You are required to arrange your own transport from your place of residence to Keri Keri airport and from the Auckland airport to your place of residence. If arriving or leaving on different dates from our schedule, transport between airport and accommodation is at your own cost. If travelling from Brisbane, you can choose to book tickets on the same flight as the teacher Jacqueline Hill. We hold no responsibility for these transportation bookings or payments.


We will arrange and book accommodation for you for the duration of the Art Retreat. We are not responsible for any unforeseen events leading to you being unable to use the arranged accommodation. See Refunds section for more information.

Any additional fees or charges due to damage of any accommodation facilities or incurred by you for any other reason will be on charged to you and you agree to waive Art at Heart of any responsibility.

Room Allocation:

Due to the limited number of rooms, some combinations (eg king bed, extra bathroom, wheelchair access, etc) may not be available when you book. If this happens, we will do our best to rearrange the rooms with other clients but in some cases it may not be possible. In this circumstance, and at our discretion, we will refund you the different in price for a lesser featured room or offer you an upgrade to a higher featured room.


Art at Heart will supply all materials and information required to participate in the art workshop activities. Art at Heart is not liable for any replacement, refund or repair or to pay for any damages or losses incurred to any equipment you are supplied with for the workshops to keep, unless otherwise required by the Australian Consumer Law (in which case our obligation will be limited to the remedies required of us under the applicable law). You are responsible to pay for any damages or losses to equipment that you borrow from Art at Heart during the Art Retreat.

You are required to supply your own camera or camera device, such as a smartphone, for any photography you wish to do for painting references. It is strongly recommended that you familiarise yourself with the usage and functions of the device before you come on the Art Retreat. It is outside the scope of this Art Retreat to teach you how to use your device. Art at Heart is not liable for any loss or damage incurred to your supplies and equipment.

No refunds will be given to you if you do not participate for whatever reason in all or any of the art workshops or tour activities.

Art at Heart is not liable for damage to luggage, possessions or persons. Please arrange your own travel insurance.

Tour Activities:

Some tour activities and locations involve natural events that we have no control over. For example, we provide no guarantee that specific animals will show up during the tour or that the weather will not prevent a tour from going ahead. In the event of any of these or similar cases, no refund is possible. See Refunds section for more information.


All costs associated with travel insurance are not covered in the booking cost of the Art Retreat.

It is your responsibility to research and find an insurance policy that is right for you. It is also your responsibility to provide all information required by the insurance carrier as accurately as possible.


We are not responsible for any injury, loss or damage you may experience in connection with the Art Retreat and you agree to waive any financial and legal proceedings against Art at Heart.


Bookings are not secured until the full amount or a full deposit (as specified by us) is paid to us with your name attached. 

Any extra incidental costs including, but not limited to, room service orders, food and drink from cafes or restaurants, travel between the accommodation and your place of residence, any additional accommodation nights beyond the dates of the Art Retreat.

Late Payments:

(a) If you book with our Payment Plan option, you are required to pay the remaining invoice plus any admin fees, which we will split for you over the remaining months. Payment of each monthly instalment is due by the 20th of each month. If you are late with your monthly payments you risk your booking being cancelled.

(b) If you are not on a Payment Plan option, if any portion of your booking invoice, including any admin fees, is not paid in full by the due date, you also risk losing your booking being cancelled.

In both cases (a) and (b), when your booking is cancelled, you will forfeit the payments you already made. We have the right to refuse all and any services and products related to the Art Retreat with no refund, unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties in writing.


All monies paid are non-refundable. If you cancel any booking with us, you are still bound by these Terms & Conditions.


In the situation that notice is given or that travel to/from the local government areas of Brisbane City Council and of the specific retreat locations as specified in the itinerary is prevented in the 24 hours prior to the start of the Art Retreat due to COVID-19 restrictions, we will at our discretion refund monies paid to us and/or apply them as credit to a future Art Retreat. If you have paid any money directly to Third Parties, you will need to contact them directly regarding any refunds.

Refunds are not available for any other circumstance, including, but not limited to, change of mind, individual or household quarantine requirements, health issues, travel restrictions to/from local governement areas aside from the Brisbane City Council and the specific retreat locations as specified in the itinerary.

It is recommended that you take out your own travel insurance to cover you for events including losses, medical issues, other COVID-related losses, etc.


As a condition of us providing the services related to the Art Retreat, you may be required to provide confidential or personal information. All written and oral information and materials disclosed or provided by you will be recorded and used for the purpose of providing services related to the Art Retreat.

In order to provide you with transportation, accommodation and/or meals, we may share some of your personal information with a Third Party. This includes your full name, date of birth, contact details, and/or medical conditions where necessary. This does not include any financial information.

If you have any questions or concerns about privacy of your information, you must contact us before you make a booking. By booking into the Art Retreat, you give us permission to share relevant information with Third Parties in order to provide you with the services outlined in this agreement.


If any dispute arises between you and us, the laws of Australia will apply. You irrevocably and unconditionally submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Australia in Queensland and waive any right that you may have to object to an action being brought in those courts.


Amendments or modifications to these Terms and Conditions can only be made in writing and must be signed by both parties, Art at Heart and you.

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