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Let your soul relax and soak up the beauty of Bali, while artist Jacqueline Hill guides you in a week-long art workshop inspired by nature and culture.



Bali fun in 2019


Have a look at all the fun we got up to in our 2019 Bali Art Retreat!



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with a deposit from AU$500

(more info in FAQs)

What's Included

Spend mornings learning the art of plein air painting, and then explore Bali in the afternoons with experienced tour guide Jacqueline Hill. Jacqueline speaks the local language so you will be well looked after. 

BEAUTIFUL accommodation

Lovely accommodation in the heart of Bali’s beauty. Perfect to relax and paint.

WORKSHOP & materials

You will be provided with the finest artist-quality materials and expertise on how to use them. To participate in photography sessions, please bring your own camera or smart phone.

What our students say

“I loved the opportunities to immerse ourselves in the Balinese culture and to capture this through art. You start to see things in a way that you wouldn’t have as a regular tourist.”


“New country, different culture (including unwritten road rules!). Very relaxing … Lovely to see Rae so relaxed and enjoying the art work.”


“Loved the location and the whole concept of an art retreat… Thoroughly enjoyed painting tuition especially figures, en plein air sketching, watercolour landscapes..”


It is a fabulous way to practice art, experience the culture of Bali, relax, enjoy good food and good company. Thoroughly recommend it, an experience not to be missed!


“Loved all the art work and the extra hours [painting]. Loved the facilities and villa and management! Loved the trips and painting and drawing on location.”


“Beautiful location and very well organised with attention to detail and support gratefully received. Art time was well included. I loved everything.”


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What does the trip cost?

Your arty week away in Bali is a total of AU$3,700*. This includes:

  • luxury accommodation (breakfasts included)
  • airfares (and transport from airport to accommodation and back)
  • art tuition
  • art materials
  • some extra activities and tours

If you intend to arrange your own flights or share a room with your partner, let us know and we’ll give you a quote.

Some activities and tours are optional and are available for an extra cost. The full list of tours and prices will be released in January 2021.

* Please see ‘What are my payment options’ for extra options.

What are my payment options?


Full, up-front payment of AU$3500

This offer has now expired. See below for other options.


AU$1850 deposit plus

AU$1850 payment at least 60 days before departure (27 Jan)

If you book after 27 Jan 2021, you will need to pay the full amount.

(total of AU$3700)

Payment Plans

AU$500 deposit plus monthly payments

Monthly payments calculated depending when you book. For example:

  • If you book before 20th Sep 2020, 6 monthly payments of AU$580
  • If you book before 20th Oct 2020, 5 monthly payments of AU$696
  • If you book before 20th Nov 2020, 4 monthly payments of AU$870
  • If you book before 20th Dec 2020, 3 monthly payments of AU$1160
  • If you book before 20th Jan 2021, 2 monthly payments of AU$1740

(total AU$3980)


All payment options are based on a single room booking and flights. Please get in touch if you want to book two people into one room or organise your own flights.

Do I need to take any art materials?

All art materials are included in the price! Even aprons.

If you want to learn to take your own photos for painting references, you will need to bring you own camera or smart phone device. Please also bring a manual with your camera!

What is the schedule?

Most days start with a photography dawn walk. Sunrise is beautiful for taking photos!

Each morning, you can learn plein air sketching and painting. Some mornings may offer additional photogrpahy sessions.

The afternoons are free time and you have a range of opportunities including shopping, massages and pampering, and of course practicing with your pencil, brush or camer. The accomodation has a shuttle bus to Ubud central, so it’s easy to get around.

Some days you can join in for fun day tours and extra activities, exploring new areas of Bali.*

*Some of these tours and activities may involve additional costs. See list of tours here.


Are the rooms air conditioned?



What clothing do I need to bring?

The weather is very warm and sometimes humid in Bali in March, so bring very lightweight clothing to suit very warm days. Casual comfortable cool clothing is the go.Comfy walking shoes are a must. We will have optional tours to some amazing special spots in Bali that involve a bit of walking.
It is always wise to also take a cardie and long pants (like lightweight leggings) just in case. You may not ever wear them!


How do we dress up for dinner at the restaurants?

Dress VERY relaxed and cool. It’s very casual. We’re offering a dinner at a nice restaurant on the last night as an option, where you could dress up a bit more, but still comfortably cool.


How much are the evening meals?

Most evening meals at the villas are around $10 – $20. On one night we are going out to a lovely restaurant that’s a bit special that charges more, like Brisbane restaurants. And they have lovely cocktails that are worth a try!


Do I need a Visa?

Nope. Bali and Australia have an agreement that no Visa is needed. But your passport needs to have at least 6 months left on it and be undamaged.


What is the currency in Bali?

Indonesian rupiah.


How much local currency should I bring?

 You can use credit cards nearly everywhere you go except local markets, although card skimming can happen so you should always go into a bank to convert, or convert Australian $ notes into rupes with a trusted local (like the villa management). The villa management can also direct you to safe currency conversion places. Australian $ are also widely accepted, but don’t depend on it.
For how much you spend, it’s only when you’re out and about at market stalls or little local shops that you need cash. The villa takes cards for all your meals or extras

What vaccines will I need to go to Bali?

The best thing to do is check with your GP!
The important vaccines to be up-to-date with are the standard Tetanus and Hepatitis A, but we recommend talking to your GP about vaccines for Ubud, which is an inland Balinese town.

Do I need travel insurance?

Yes, everyone going on this trip will need to arrange their own travel insurance and provide us with a copy of your policy for safety. 

Terms and Conditions

Please read through the terms and conditions of booking into the Bali Art Retreat 2021 here.

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